Bye Gorgeous


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We had a blast, but unfortunately our last day has come. We had so much fun writing for Creators of Desire and it has been an honor that we could have a taste of the real bloggers life. But it is time to say goodbye. Hopefully we inspired you with our posts and you had a good time reading it. If you like us and you can read Dutch than you can follow us on Hi Gorgeous (.nl). For the rest of you: have fun with searching because there are so many inspired people that write really good DIY posts. Search, get inspired and (of course) DO IT YOURSELF!


xx Hi Gorgeous team

DIY: flower headband


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In the inspiration post from last week you could read why the flower headband is so much fun! From big statement pieces to little flowers loose in your hair. What is more fun then making it yourself?!


Step 1: If you have a bunch of flowers then you have to take them apart.

Step 2: Braid the plastic/iron from the flower trough the braid.

Step 3: In this case we used plastic flowers that have a wire. With the wire you can attach the flowers easily to the braid. You wrap the wire around the braid.

Step 4: Fill the braid with different kinds of flowers and you are ready for the summer


HI Gorgeous picks | Cork roasters


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Everyone loves coasters on the tabel, so you don’t get these ugly coffee circles and because they just look cute. And especially when you can say ‘ I made these myself’. So we found these cool cork coasters with numbers you can make yourself!


Young & Creative | De koffiefilters


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Do you love coffee and everything around this hot drink?  The two girls (a journalist and a designer) of ‘De Koffiefilters’ create an online coffee experience with their site. They filter the coziest coffee spots, the best coffee beans, the most suprising design and the most delicious coffee recipes. And ofcourse there’s a fun coffee DIY we had to share with you guys! How fashionable is this leather coffeefilter case for your business cards!

Coffee is their source of inspiration to the smallest details. And besides this cute diy they also created a children’s book with in the lead funny coffee stains.  The coffeedots will take you on an adventure into the world of coffee, the simplicity and beauty of small details with the book called ‘Crazy Lungo the adventures of two coffee dots’. It’s a book for both adults as children.

Crazy Lungo is auctioned for the charity porject Waterfall and meanwhile the girls just work the concept ‘coffee spots’ further. Future books with cute names like ‘Sweet Cappucino, Latte Lazy and Slow Ristretto are already work in progress.

Check out Crazy Lungo online!

Follow the girls for more coffee stuff at facebook and twitter @deKOFFIEFILTERS.